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ReCube Limited

ReCube 代表三個Re-Reuse x Reward x Reduce。ReCube重用餐具租借服務方便又簡單,獎賞計劃為您開源節流,從源頭減少即棄餐具。

用餐具,讓食客只要利用ReCube App,便能在全港任何合作餐廳及智能回收機方便租借及歸還。歸還後,他們更能通過我們的獎賞計劃獲得優惠,同時為合作餐廳節省即棄餐具的成本,並帶來有價值的曝光和人流。大家往往對環保有種偏見,覺得環保一定是麻煩及不賺錢,而我們致力構建全港性的重用餐具借還網絡,令外賣方便、賺錢又環保。


ReCube stands for Reuse x Reward x Reduce. We provide a Reusable tableware rental service that is convenient and easy, a Reward program that saves cost and increases revenue, to Reduce disposable tableware waste at source.

We provide restaurants with an efficient, standardised, and profitable reusable tableware rental solution. Diners can borrow and return it at any partner restaurant with the ReCube App. They can also get discounts through our reward program. We help partner restaurants save costs on disposable tableware while bringing valuable exposure and traffic. People often have a prejudice against environmental protection, thinking that environmental protection must be troublesome and not profitable. That’s why we are building a HK-wide reusable tableware
rental network, to make takeaway convenient, profitable and ecofriendly.


ReCube was officially launched in March 2023. In about a year, it has attracted 32 partner restaurants to use and reduce 6400+ disposable tableware waste and have a return rate of 98%.


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