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Meat the Next Company Limited

Growsome O's Tiger Nut Oat Milk combines three high-quality plant ingredients: tiger nuts, oats, and unscented soybeans. Through a complex formula and patented enzymatic technology, it enhances the nutritional composition of plant milk and improves the protein content. Additionally, it is sugar-free and uses the natural sweetness of plants to achieve a smoother and richer taste. It is a perfect complement to various tea beverages, allowing you to experience a new and delightful local plant milk experience.

Growsome O 的虎堅果燕麥豆奶結合三種優質植物原料,虎堅果、燕麥和無腥味大豆。透過複合配方和專利的酶解技術,提升植物奶的營養成分,完善蛋白質。同時,無添加糖,以植物的天然甜分,使口感更順滑,更濃郁。完美配合不同茶飲應用,感受本地香甜馥濃的植物奶新體驗。

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