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Greater Bay Area ESG & Sustainability Exhibition

2024 . 06 . 21-23   Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo

For our better future 創造更美好未來

“Carbon neutrality” and “Sustainability” are the hottest topics nowadays as a collective action taken by the entire world for our better future.  Including environmental, social and governance (ESG) elements in the strategic planning of a corporate has become a must for long-term development.


Greater Bay Area ESG & Sustainability Exhibition would become the best business networking platform for all to showcase the latest projects and for all corporates to look for the ESG solutions with most potentials and explore projects which best fit its own development with highest competitiveness.  Every single effort counts for a sustainable and better future.

「碳中和」及「可持續發展」是近來最熱門發展重點,同時亦是全球共同為人類美好未來所作出的承諾。為達至可持續發展的長遠目標,各企業在規劃未來發展策略時必須加入環境、社會及管治 (ESG) 元素。



Organizer 主辦單位


Partnering Organization 大會合作伙伴

Partner Carrier 合作航空公司

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Supporting Organization 支持機構

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